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Keep your family's Electronic Medical Information on your home computer!

Take charge of your medical information with Health Profiles.
Keep it on your home computer, print it, transmit it to your doctor, use it for emergencies, travel and more!
Try it Free
Whether you live by yourself, or you care for many others, then you need Health Profiles. Health Profiles puts you in charge of your complete medical records. It then helps to partner you with your doctor by allowing sharing of information both ways. Whether you are on your own or you care for hundreds of other people, Health Profiles will make it easy for you to keep and manage your health related information.
Unlike our competitors, with Health Profiles, you keep your information on your computer. The choice about where to keep your information is always yours.
Store personal health records for as many people as needed. You can use it for monitoring conditions, tracking prescriptions, pain charting, or any other personal health information.
Excellent for Elder Care, Infant Care, and even in group care situations such as day care, or nursing homes. Store the medical records, on your computer system. You can even put the information on portable media for access in emergencies, or for use during hospital stays.
Keep the data on hand for emergencies, or even store it in your safety deposit box in case of a catastrophe at home. Health Profiles is good for elderly care, or child care, nursing homes, or just couples. Take Health Profiles information on trips, or keep it securely on the web for access anywhere in the world.

Health Profiles is NOT a subscription based service! It is software that you install and keep private on your computer.

Health Profiles helps you maintain the most complete medical information
on you and your family, and those you care for. The software is also known as a PMR (Personal Medical Records) and PHR (Personal Health Records.) But whatever you call it, it's the most complete on the market!

Health Profiles is the most complete medical information manager for home use. Health Profiles works on Windows 98se, WinXP, Vista and Win2003.

Here is what is included:
General Health Immunizations Medical Conditions
Emergency Contacts Prescriptions/Drugs Symptom Tracking
Drug & Food Allergies Other Allergies Pain Event Tracking
Blood Pressure History Lab Test Results Medical Expenses
Blood Glucose History Family History Multiple Family Members
Personal Medical Journal  Insurance Plans Surgical History
Send Data To Your Doctor Optional On-Line Storage of Data Medicine Manager

Use Health Profiles for provide information to Health Care Professionals, and care givers.
Use Health Profiles Medicine Manager to manage all prescription and non-prescription drugs.
Use Health Profiles to track important information regarding the health of those with chronic diseases.
Use Health Profiles to store vital health information in an easy to use, safe format.

Keep your health information at home, and available for printing whenever you need it.
Keep a copy of your health information on line, accessible any where there is Internet access.
Send health information to Health Care Providers in TWO ways.

To learn more about Health Profiles, click here.

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