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What removable media can I store my Health Profiles PDFs on?

The following types of removable media can be used:

1.44 Floppy diskette
CDROM (requires a CD Writer-Reader device) Average space: 700 Megabytes
DVD (Requires a DVD Writer-Reader device) Average space: 4.3 Gigabytes
Flash Drive (AKA USB Thumb Drive) almost any size will do, from 128MB to 2 GB
Removable Hard Drives: Average space: 40 Gigabytes to 80 Gigabytes
Even older tape drives can be used.

The average Health Profile is 37K. Therefore you can get about 38 Health Profiles on one floppy diskette that is 1.44 megabytes.
A USB Flash drive, that is 128Megabytes would hold about 330 Health Profiles.
Most USB drives are now 512 megabytes and higher.
So a small (128MB) USB Flash Drive, should be more than adequate to hold an entire family's health data, including all Profiles, reports, prescriptions, and extra health documentation.

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