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How often should I print my blood pressure report?

We suggest printing the report and taking it with you ANYTIME you have an exam by any doctor, regardless of the reason. This will help your doctor see a more long term picture of your readings, and help offset the "white coat" effect. The white coat effect is simply the somewhat higher blood pressure reading that occurs when some people are nervous about a doctor taking their blood pressure.

Your Blood Pressure readings are always there for you to see in Health Profiles, and to print out.
So the answer depends on what is going on. If your blood pressure is basically under control (you should be taking a reading at the same time each day, and more often if your doctor advises you to), so you most likely know if it's under control or not.

You can see the averages for yourself, by simply going to the Blood Pressure tab on your Health record, and clicking on the Print button. Remember that there is no need to actually print to paper because you can see all the information on screen during the print preview.

Print the report to paper if you need to give it to your doctor, or other health care provider.

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