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How do I setup Health Profiles on a network for several people to use?
Health Profiles can be used on a network.
Here are the steps:
1. Make sure your network is already set up and working.

2. Install Health Profiles onto a server. Even if your network is a "peer to peer" network, the computer that Health Profiles is installed on, must be accessible from the other computers.
3. On the workstations that will access Health Profiles, "map" a drive letter to the servers hard drive where Health Profiles is installed. Check the box to make this connection "Reconnect at Login".
4. On each workstation that will access Health Profiles, simply create a desktop shortcut that points to the folder on the server where Health Profiles is installed. The starting directory should be the same.
5. On each workstation, create directories called "HealthProfiles\Uploads" and copy all the programs found on C:\HealthProfiles\Uploads on the server. This way the person using the program on the workstation can create PDF files, as well as view them.
That's it.

NOTE: Never install Health Profiles on more than one computer. It is a violation of the license agreement, and will most definitely harm your data files.

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