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What is a PDF file?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. The format was designed by Adobe Systems Incorporated. They also designed the reader program called Adobe Acrobat Reader, which reads the PDF files.

Since the inception of PDF by Adobe, the computer world has adopted it as a standard way of sharing documents, without the need for the originating software that created the document. PDF readers have become plentiful, and there are versions for most of the computer operating systems currently in use. (All MS WIndows versions, DOS, UNIX, Linux, Solaris, Apple computers, etc. etc.

What does that mean to you?
That means your Health Profile in PDF format, can be read on almost any computer
almost anywhere in the world. You do not need to carry a computer, just a small device such as a USB Flash Drive with your data on it. Then if you need the data, just plug in your drive to most computers, and you'll be able to view it on screen or print it to paper.

Of course you don't need to carry it with you, if you subscribe to our Health Uploads service. Then your data would be stored on our site and available wherever there is an Internet connection.

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