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What is encryption?

Encryption is the process of obscuring information to make it unreadable without special knowledge. Encryption has been used to protect communications for centuries, but only organizations and individuals with an extraordinary need for secrecy had made use of it. In the mid-1970s, strong encryption emerged from the sole preserve of secretive government agencies into the public domain, and is now used in protecting widely-used systems, such as Internet e-commerce, mobile telephone networks and bank automatic teller machines.

Encryption can be used to ensure the secrecy of your Health Profiles when they are made into a password protected, encrypted PDF file. This file is usually stored on the Internet via the optional Health Uploads Program. It can also be encrypted and stored on removable media such as a USB Flash Drive.

To "open" the PDF file, a person needs to know the password assigned to the PDF file. Without the password, the file cannot be opened or read. That is because the password is not only to lock the file, but to decrypt it as well.

This is the same protection used by goverments around the world.

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