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How can I upload, to my "Upload Account", a copy of my passport?

You can create and upload many important documents to your Upload account.
Here is how:

First you should have a scanner or access to a scanner.
Then scan the passport (or whatever document you wish). Save the scanned file as a tif, jpg, bmp, gif, wmf, emf, or tga format. Note that these are all various graphic file formats, that almost all scanner software can save to.
Open Health Profiles. Go to Portable Health Profiles on the main menu. Then choose
Create Other PDF files. Insert a new record. Follow the on screen instructions.
If you plan to Upload the file, then it MUST be passworded and encrypted.
Click the Make File button and that's it.

Repeat the above for any document that is important for storage. We recommend that the documents that you create be done this way, so you have a record of what the original document was, when it was created, and the name of the PDF. You can also print a report showing this information. My presonal preference is to keep a copy of the files on a CD, along with a copy of the report. Then I just put the CD in my safe deposit box at the bank. Of course I upload it too, because I can't always get to the bank!

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