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This is page one of a blank Health Profiles form. It is here to show you that this is indeed something that everyone can read, understand, and is suitable for providing to any health care professional. The actual form would have your information on it and be three pages in length. It can be printed on paper, printed to a protected PDF file (for safe storage or emailing), and can even be faxed. It is a very smart thing to save Health Profiles as PDF files, for the whole family and put them on a CD. Then put the CD in a safe deposit box or other place (even in a trusted relative's home) for use in an emergency. Or put them on a USB flash drive and take them with you when travelling. Or join our OPTIONAL Health Uploads service and upload them to the Internet. Then they will be available all over the world, even if you lost you luggage!

To see a real form with information, just download the FREE trial program (see menu at left).

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Health Profile form

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