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Similar to the Pain Event screen, the Symptoms screen helps you track various symptoms of an illness. You can track the symptoms daily if you wish. If a symptom is pain, but not the main symptom, you can tack that here as well. By recording the symptoms for several days, you can actively help your doctor understand what is happening to you. This leads to a better diagnosis, which leads to better treatments.
This screen is also useful in tracking the effects of medications (especially with chemotherapy drugs). It aso helps you track your recovery after surgeries or other illnesses. The operation of the screen is similar to the Pain screen, in that drag and drop and lists make completing the screen very easy. Besides it is much better than calling things "whatchamacallits".

The buttons at the bottom of the screen (skeleton, organs, etc.) bring up reference charts of the various parts of the body. These reference charts are helpful in understanding your body.
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