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The three screens shown below are:

1. The Blood Glucose Monitoring Screen: This screen allows you to track your blood glucose readings, regardless of how often you must take the readings. The readings are then available in a special report that you may give to your doctor, or save as a PDF file. The report details all the readings and shows the averages, the minimum and maximum readings. This is an extremely valuable tool as an aid to understanding how different foods effect your readings. By using the comments to record foods, events, and other notes that impact your readings, you can then actively work with your doctor to determine best treatments, etc.

2. The Blood Pressure Monitoring Screen: Whether you take medications or not, periodically checking your blood pressure is a good idea. This screen makes it easy to record your readings and to add comments such as type of activity level, foods that may have effected BP (such as salty foods), emotional events preceding readings, etc. The BP report which you can give to your doctor, more clearly establishes your BP, rather than a once in a while reading taken in the doctor's office. Believe us, your doctor will thank you for the extra data.

3. Laboratory Tests Screen: This screen record your lab tests. Once a test is entered, the name of that test is stored for future use. You can keep an unlimited number of tests, for you and anyone else that uses the program. Of course there is a report that details all of your tests. You can easily provide this report to a new doctor, or entry to a hospital. The report can also be stored as a PDF file as well.

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